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Smoke vents

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Contact person
Krzysztof Nosal
Phone: +48 511 818 468

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Angielski, Polski, Rosyjski,

Description of the contract

- Smoke vents are used to extract smoke produced by a fire.
- They facilitate the evacuation of people by keeping a smoke-free layer in the lower part of the facility
- Smoke vents facilitate the rescue team operations
- Protect the building structure
- Reduce indirect losses caused by the emitted smoke and hot fire gases
- Serve as skylights providing more natural daylight in the premises in which they are installed
- They can also be used as room vents if appropriate actuators are installed

Supplementary information

The upstand of the vent:
Made of galvanised steel sheet min. 1.25mm thick (straight, straight-slant or slant upstand 350 mm, 500 mm, and 750 mm high). The upstand should be insulated with a layer of mineral wool, polystyrene, or PIR foam 40 mm thick.

Made of PVC (slant upstand 300 mm high). The upstand does not require insulation because it is insulated with a layer of expanded polystyrene.

Compensation frame:
Once the upstand is fixed and finished, the special cut-outs in its corners enable easy snap-fit mounting of the PVC compensation frame.

Hinged cover:
The hinged cover consists of a frame and a cover. Covers can be made in the form of a dome (made of acrylic or solid polycarbonate) or flat (made of cellular polycarbonate). The cellular polycarbonate cover can be made in Broof (t1)/NRO classification.

The frame is made of PVC or aluminium profile. It is secured around the whole perimeter with gaskets preventing water from getting inside

The smoke vent is activated with either a 24 V electric drive or a pneumatic drive. Ventilation function will require to supplement the pneumatic drive with an additional 230 V actuator, while the 24 V drive will suffice for both smoke extraction and ventilation functions.

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  • Firefighting, rescue and safety equipment
  • Construction structures and materials', 'auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
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