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Basic facts

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Poland internationally

Poland is a member of international organizations e.g.:European Union, World Bank, World Trade Organization. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 09.05.2017 poland, basic facts, international organizations, WTO, EU, NATO, Wrold Bank, OECD

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Political & legal stability

Poland is a democratic multi-party republic, reflecting a mixture of parliamentary and presidential models. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 02.02.2018 poland, basic facts, politics, legal stability

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Population and language

Ethnically Poland is one of the most homogenous countries in Europe. The official language in Poland is Polish. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 10.05.2017 poland, basic facts, population, language

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Geographical location and climate

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is often considered to be the ‘heart of Europe’ due to its central location. Add : Patrycja Operacz | 20.04.2017 Poland, basic facts, geographical location, climate

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Polish companies offers

Herbaty liściaste w ozdobnych puszkach

Dobra i smaczna herbata to prawdziwy skarb. W naszym kraju pijemy ją niezależnie od pory dnia czy...
Polska - ZIELONA GÓRA 2022-08-01 Added:Grzegorz Chodacki Coffee, tea and spices, Food processing See offer

Continious rooflights

- The use of continuous rooflights allows to reduce the need for artificial lighting and thus gre...
Polska - BUK 2022-07-28 Added:Krzysztof Nosal Architecture, Construction See offer

Smoke vents

- Smoke vents are used to extract smoke produced by a fire. - They facilitate the evacuation of ...
Polska - BUK 2022-07-28 Added:Krzysztof Nosal Architecture, Construction See offer

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