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Poland - Land of People

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Undoubtedly, the outstanding quality of human capital is one of the strongest assets of Poland.

Surveys made among foreign investors who do business in the country show that among the most appreciated characteristic of Polish employees are their: high level of qualifications, communication skills, proficiency in foreign languages as well a their motivation to work and organizational culture. Well-educated Polish economists, engineers, IT specialist and scientists are highly sought-after and appreciated employees who find employment in IT companies, R&D centers are scientific institutes. Investors who opt for Poland will barely have any problems finding suitable personnel. Also it is thanks to highly skilled Polish employees that there has been a shift in the profile of incoming investments to Poland towards more sophisticated projects.


There are about 430 higher education institutions with approximately 1,4 million students. In addition, Poland has the highest percentage of people with secondary and tertiary educational attainment (8%) in the labor market. Every year Polish students and scientists are winners of the most prestigious international competitions in different fields, proving the high intellect potential of Polish staff. Needless to say, Polish students have an excellent knowledge of foreign languages.


The high standards of Polish educational system are reflected in number of scientific achievements. It is worth noting that Polish scientists have been involved in the recent and most ambitious space project of the new century-the Rosetta mission; the firs ever praising comet landing. Scientists from Poland also gained international fame thanks to discovery of the first extra-solar planetary system, the creation of technology for the production of the blue laser, the production process to make the world’s smallest synthetic diamonds, and the isolation of queen cells form bone marrow or discovering the technology of graphene acquisition. Thanks to this final discovery, graphene will be able to replace silicon in IT processors and make them even 100 times factor. Smart, clever, intelligent, open-minded, innovative and creative – this is the staff of companies running business in Poland.


Source: Polish Investment and Trade Agnecy, Poland your business Partner. Invest in Poland.

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