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SAPO 1st Internacional Subcontracting Fair 2016

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The biennial fairs BIAM and WELDING have been enriched by a new project SAPO - 1st International Subcontracting Fair.
The fairs will be held from 19 - 22 April 2016 at the Zagreb Fair and are an ideal opportunity for you to present your latest offer, the most modern technological achievements and technologies in the field of machine tools, welding and material protection to trade visitors and partners.
In the age of globalization, specialization and excellence are necessary for certain sectors because the manufacturing technology requires specialized subjects so as to enable specific projects to see the light of day.
The reason is of a financial nature, i.e. the need for experts in particular fields. Subcontracting (works, services, purchase of goods) means to engage external contractors while the client still bears responsibility for process monitoring and for results.
Under the same roof you can expect the presentation of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, new machine tools, tools, welding equipment and material protection technologies as well as of technological solutions and materials, components, applications, flexible solutions and technologies (especially from Croatia and the region) as partners to other manufacturers, service providers, decision makers in the field of product development and innovation, procurement of materials and systems in the process of creating products/services in higher stages of completion, investors etc.
Trade fairs are unavoidable venues for intense business meetings of manufacturers, experts and business people in this field.
We are expecting special interest of trade visitors not only from Croatia but also from the neighboring countries.
This business networking aims at initiating business cooperation and having a positive impact on business activities in the industrial sector.
The fairs will be accompanied by a rich professional programme comprising industrial and processing sector, energy, ICT etc.
They will take place in pavilions 8, 8a, 9, 11A and at the open-air space along the pavilions.